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How to update VB2.2 to newer (2012 hardware)

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  • How to update VB2.2 to newer (2012 hardware)

    We absolutely love the Vortexbox system and our multiple Squeezebox Radio and Touch units.
    my VB is used only to play my converted CD collection, came from Small Green Computer in 2012, upgraded in 2015, now is this:
    Processors 4
    Model Intel(R) Atom(TM) CPU D510 @ 1.66GHz
    CPU Speed 1.67 GHz
    Cache Size 512.00 KB
    Disc: spinning 2TB

    Kernel Version 3.6.5-2.fc16.i686.PAE (SMP)
    Distro Name Fedora release 16 (Verne)

    I have all the music backed up, so I can do a clean install, but is it possible to upgrade the Red Hat, then upgrade VB and LMS?
    If so how? If it must be a clean install, how?


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      OK, I did everything Doris (Thank you) suggested. New HD, also increased memory from 1GB to 4. Machine is 2012 vintage Intel Atom 1.66 in Small Green Vortexbox MSI case, bought from Andrew then. Downloaded the ISO, not the Zip, checked the MD5, then used Brasero under Mint to write the image to DVD disk. Brasero checked the MD5 after writing, so the image on the disk was OK, as was the downloaded file. Changed boot sequence to CD first, then booted. On boot, I selected to install 2.4, (wipe the disk) Of course there's nothing on a new drive. CD drive runs hard for 30 seconds, then coasts, nothing happens. No display, no disk activity. After 45 minutes, I shut down, and tried again. Same.

      Any ideas? Thanks.


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        More info, on the bottom of the Installer screen, before it goes blank, it reports, "loading live vmlinuz OK, live initrd.img ok, or something like that. Then goes blank.
        Could I edit the long string which is the command proposed by the install routine to allow it to continue instead of aborting? Maybe?


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          I have the same MSI atom 1.66 MHz VBA as you ... I went from 2.2 to 2.4 using the same procedure.

          MSI MS-6676 Nettop Intel Atom D510 1.66GHz 1GB RAM No Hard Drive or Caddie

          I used a CDR in a CD drive not a DVD in a DVD drive!
          Could you have a bad DVD drive or Hard drive?
          Did you add the correct memory type?
          Reinstall your original drive does everything work as before?

          I could mail you my known to work 2.4 CDR if necessary?
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            Corrected above narrative on memory!