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Lost Bliss tab off the GUI home page

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  • Lost Bliss tab off the GUI home page

    The GUI has lost the Bliss icon, when I check the upgrade tab and tell it to install it it says it is installed but I cannot connect to it. where is it in the GUI ? or how do I access it. I have Vortexbox 2.3 installed on my server.

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      Link doesn't connect, says it can't find the server


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        You changed the IP address above to the IP address of your VB, and then add ":3220/" right?

        Have you tried the DELETE function on the "VortexBox Status" page? [Vortexbox Upgrade tab]

        Maybe the current version of BLISS does not support VB 2.3. Have you sent an email to
        [email protected] ?


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          Thanks, will try that


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            I deleted bliss from the upgrade tab on the GUI and then reinstalled it, this is what it is saying

            04/03/2019 20:31:09 - Deleting Bliss.

            04/03/2019 20:31:13 - Bliss deleted.

            04/03/2019 20:31:27 - Installing Bliss (This can take a long time...)
            Package 1:java-1.7.0-openjdk- already installed and latest version
            Resolving Dependencies
            --> Running transaction check
            ---> Package bliss-tagger.noarch 0:20181105-1.fc20 will be installed
            --> Processing Dependency: java-1.8.0-openjdk-headless >= 1.8 for package: bliss-tagger-20181105-1.fc20.noarch

            Packages skipped because of dependency problems:
            bliss-tagger-20181105-1.fc20.noarch from vortexbox

            Still haven't got a tab showing Bliss and when I type in using my server address safari just says it cannot connect to the server

            Any ideas? My knowledge of the Vortexbox software is limited


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              I’m no expert but I’d recommend logging in at the console or using putty to access the command line to try a clean and update. I don’t have the exact commands handy but search for yum +clean on this forum. Then do an yum update from the CLI.