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VB 2,5 NAS mount

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  • VB 2,5 NAS mount

    Upgraded to 2,5 and I cant mount my NAS as I did in 2,4

    Is there a different method compaired to previous version?

    Linux skills : Very low

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    You'll need to add some more detail about what and how you are attempting to "mount" your NAS.

    Here are a couple of things that MAY be required depending on how you are trying to do this:
    (Use PUTTY to connect to the command line of your VB or do it from the console with added keyboard and monitor)
    dnf install cifs-utils
    dnf install samba-client
    dnf install nfs-utils

    Also assume you can use a simple editor to edit "fstab"?
    nano /etc/fstab

    Here's the line I use to connect a Synology NAS with NFS /nas/Movies nfs rw,noatime 0 0

    If using NFS you will need to add permissions to your NAS to speak to your VB.

    This is for PLEX but the logic is the same:
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