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Possible issue with VB 2.5 beta

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  • Possible issue with VB 2.5 beta

    I have installed the VB 2.5 beta and have been using it for a week or so and have noticed two unusual problems that hopefully someone can verify if it is my setup or a more widespread issue with the beta.

    I have several Squeezebox devices connected to my system and they are working fine when I control them manually (via the actual device) however when I start the LMS version Andrew has in the beta I can select the device in the LMS drop down and it shows correctly what is playing but when I attempt to play different music using LMS it always selects a different player that the one that is showing on the LMS display. When I switch to that device it correctly shows it is playing the music I selected but again it is playing on the wrong device. I can use the controls in LMS to pause the correct device but every time I try to change the music selections with LMS it always selects a different device.

    I have no sync set up and no other options configured that I am aware of which should cause this issue.

    Also, I ripped several audio CD's as a test in the past few days and while they work fine I found it unusual that none of them came up with any kind of cover art. I usually get some cover art to show up even if it is the wrong art which I can easily correct but in the 30 CD's I ripped not one came up with any type of cover art.

    Any one else notice these issue?


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    Yes to both issues here on VB 2.5 Beta, (LMS
    Version: 7.9.2 - 0.9.20181207)
    0 for 6 on album cover artwork and when selecting new music to play thru the LMS browser screen using MS Edge it changes players as you describe. I also tried it using Firefox and Google Chrome browsers and DID NOT have that playback problem with them. I usually control playback with iPeng, and have not had any issues with that app.


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      Yes LMS is totally broken in MS edge. Use Chrome.


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        Originally posted by agillis View Post
        Yes LMS is totally broken in MS edge. Use Chrome.
        I can live with having to use a different browser but that does not address the lack of cover art myself and Sully have noticed.

        Also, when trying to use the Vortexbox Upgrade icon on the Vortexbox home page I get an error message that simply says it failed. Using the DNF commands it just looks at the Vortexbox site and none of the Fedora sites. I guess that the Fedora v25 sites would not have any updates anyway as it is no longer supported.

        Finally, I hope that you include the latest version of the Logitech LMS software before you release the final version as if past history is any indication it will be a long time before any future updates are provided.

        In any event even though you have chosen to use an older no longer supported version of Fedora it is appreciated that you still decided to support this fine project. Using past history I look foreword to Vortexbox v2.6 in 2023.

        Thanks in advance, Mr. Bill


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          Andrew provides VB for free. I thank him for doing it. At all. He does not have to.