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  • Spotify problem

    Spotify has been working just great on my vb but för some reason its not now. I can see the little green spotty app under my apps, if I click it its opends but i can't search or play any music. so i went to settings>advanced>Spotty spoyify for squeezebox and i can see my spotify id. if I click on the "delete" button and follow the instructions I can see the spotify authorization (vortexbox) and if i click i tells me connection. The instruction window in settings on my vb closes but then nothing. Im kinda clueless here.

    Playing local music and streaming from radiochannels works just fine like before.
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    In my spotty setup, there is nothing in the spotify ID on the spotty plugin settings page (it is blank). At the top of the page is my spotify username. Otherwise everything else is not ticked. Perhaps that's because I'm not using the spotify connect options of the plugin. In any case, spotty working on my VB (vb 2.4) with no issues. I suspect this is a spotty issue and not a vortexbox issue. You'll likely get more help if you post on the spotty thread over at slimdevices forum.