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Vortexbox upgrade failure with Innuos Zen server

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  • Vortexbox upgrade failure with Innuos Zen server

    Hi, I have been using an Innuos Zen server since Jan 2016, and very happy with the use through the Vortexbox interface and Logitech LMS, using iPeng on my iPad.
    A few days ago I tried to update the SW by clicking on the carton box on the left sidebar. That update did not complete, and I got a few errors on update packages for LMS. Ripping and playing music is still working fine, but now the ripper never adds the artwork.
    Also,clicking on the 'Get CD Coverart' button ends in a 404 error for nginx/1.4.7
    I really am a 'User', not an IT tech wizard, even after 31 years in IBM
    Adding 3 prtscreens
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    You could try install the latest version of VortexBox 2.5 (BETA). Or you could contact Innuos for tech support.