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How to delete and rename audio (or other) files

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  • How to delete and rename audio (or other) files

    I have successfully ripped various CDs I have, but I have not for some time and I just ripped 4 CDs of an opera and all the files go into one album (sort of OK and possibly good, to allow playing the whole opera in one go), but all the first tracks of the 4 CDs are at the top of the list, then all the track number 2, etc. and not even in the order of CD1, 2, 3, 4. How can I edit these files or the order? How could I delete the album and try to start again? I can see the files on the computer via the media player and I can open the media server on VortexBox but I cannot edit or delete or rename,. Edit and Rate are greyed out. Protocol or solution would be great. Many thanks in advance.

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    If using PC, assign a letter drive to your file locations on the Vortexbox. Then access the files on the Vortexbox from the PC and use something like mp3tag.exe (if using windows) to edit the metadata tags and the file and folder names. (mp3tag handles FLAC, WAV, etc., not just mp3). Download from here:


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      You may also want to try Bliss on the VB.

      More info:


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        Anyone know if there is a Mac equivalent of mp3tag? Or do I just have power up the ancient windows laptop....?


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          Some people have gotten mp3tag to work on mac but the old laptop is probable best.