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Vortexbox Fedora: all system files included?

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  • Vortexbox Fedora: all system files included?

    I'm running into an issue with VB installed on a 6+ year old HP Core2 Duo desktop. When ripping a disc I get an error including the following: exception Emask, interface fatal error, hard resetting link, status DRDY. (I have no easy way to cut/paste the error.)

    I did enter the pertinent error parameters into a web search on another computer and turned up this post: . The last post seems to be the key.

    It sounded to be a likely cause so as I went to investigate I attempted to run lspci. Command couldn't be found. THen I went to find an editor and couldn't find vi or vim.

    That made me wonder if the complete command set is included with the distribution--and if not how are they downloaded and installed?

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    Had to answer my own question: no. Had to install dostools to get the functionality.


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      vi is definitely included with VortexBox. You would need to install pcitools to get lspci. Installing dostools would not give you any of these commands