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Assistance with Admin Password and 2.4 & LMS Upgrades

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  • Assistance with Admin Password and 2.4 & LMS Upgrades

    Hello All,

    Great to see the community going strong and active support still present for VBX (thanks Andrew & co). I was semi-active member here back in the day but have been absent about 4 years or so. I haven't touched my Vortexbox & LMS since 2014 sometime and it is still going strong (after another 5 years), although I still have one ongoing issue (garbled 'year' info for random tracks in LMS - possibly one or two here will remember me raising that about 2014-2015). Anyway, I am looking to try to update my system as much as I can and get as 'current' as possible (and see if that resolves my date issue with LMS at the same time). I have searched the forum for a couple of these questions below but couldn't find anything specific (may have been using the wrong search terms), so can anyone point me in the right direction or answer the below?

    My system is:
    VortexBox Version: 2.3
    Logitech Media Server Version: 7.8.0 - 1395395852 @ Fri Apr 18 13:29:51 EDT 2014 (this is one of the earlier community supported versions)
    Intel Atom CPU D525 1.8GHz (low power/fanless PC)

    Q.1 Admin Password
    Seems I have forgotten it - and it's the only one of dozens and dozens I haven't recorded in an encrypted password safe anywhere - and I have tried every variant I might have used that I can recall. Was there a default one in the old 2.3 installs (or suggested one in the instructions) back in 2012-2014 era? If not is there a way to hack it, reset it or find out what it is (and yeah I know that is kinda counter to the whole point of a password, but worth a try to avoid a nuke and rebuild)...?

    Q.2 VBX 2.4 Upgrade
    Assuming I am correct that not an option with my current hardware config (as pretty sure that processor is 32-bit and 2.4 only supports 64-bit right)?

    Q.3 LMS Upgrade
    Assuming I am stuck on 2.3 for now until I upgrade hardware, etc, can someone advise what the best or most recent version of LMS is that I can install on my rig since the version I have above (either from Andrew & VBX or the community supported versions from Squeezebox Forums)?

    Appreciate any assistance, Many TIA.



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    Further to Q.3 LMS Upgrade above I have run the integral VBX Upgrade in 2.3 and this has now updated LMS to 7.9.1 - 0.6.20170928git1508251793 @ Tue Nov 7 14:47:30 EST 2017.

    Unfortunately on a related issue this has now broken my DSD playback (via the built in VBX Player and also my Squeezebox Touch), and reinstalling Triode's DSD Player Plugin hasn't seemed to resolve this - I can't recall if there was something else that needed doing and having trouble finding the original DSD support thread on the slim devices (squeezebox) forum...


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      1. userid, pw= root, vortexbox
      2. Yes, VB2.4 requires 64bit
      3. You can install the newest LMS (7.9.2) on VB 2.3. Different approaches to doing this. I'm using 7.9.1 on my VB (both 2.4).
      4. I don't use DSD so not sure.


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        Thanks Gary. Doh! PW was pretty obvious - will give that a try.


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          Well no joy there

          I've definitely changed the pw from default, and although it would have been something easy to remember at the time, 5 years of not using it is drawing a blank!


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            At this point, I'd just back up your music files then reinstall VB 2.3 from scratch.


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              This might help



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                Originally posted by garym View Post
                At this point, I'd just back up your music files then reinstall VB 2.3 from scratch.
                Yep - getting close to that - alas - was hoping to avoid it...


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                  Originally posted by pclinux1 View Post
                  Cheers - will look at that also