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Vortex box drive change as faulty

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  • Vortex box drive change as faulty

    I have a Vortexbox from DMB servers who are no longer around, it is running 2.3 version. I am currently ripping CD's to it with DbPoweramp as I find it easier to use, I am a novice and a bit of a computer newbie. I know enough to get me in trouble. The hard drive is getting noisey and before it fails I have ordered a new one and will replace it. Can someone help me in that as the OS is done as an image file I assume it it stored on the same hard drive in a separate partition? I do not know how to access the server details to find out what the spec is or what is fully on the drive. I can see that there is more data stored on the hard rive than just the media files, approx 12 GB more? I can access the media files from Safari on my iMac and am using the vortex box GUI to back up all the data to a backup drive so can recover it.

    So if I change th drive, can I mirror the whole hard drive so it carries across the Vortexbox and LMS / Bliss etc files or do I have to reinstall the 2.3 version again?

    Does the V2.3 come with the links / LMS / Bliss files etc included or do there have to be put on separately?

    The server is around 4 years old, don't know if it is 64 bit or not so assume I would be better with V2.3 off I had to reinstall it, but should I try V 2.4?

    sorry for al the questions, as I say I am a novice and do not really understand Linux as well so any help would be appreciated.

    Many thanks

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    I'm not sure your approach would work. Likely create problems. And in any case, you would be better off installing VB 2.4 from scratch. Of course first backup all your music and movie files to a USB drive. The VB install will come automatically with LMS. BLISS is not automatically installed, but the Vortexbox webGUI allows you to tick a box to tell VB to also install it (this is after you have the new VB 2.4 up and running). So you'll end up with both LMS and BLISS essentially automatically. Follow these instructions:


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      If you are OK with your current hardware and version 2.3 of Vortexbox then the simplest solution is to buy yourself a docking station with a 'clone' button. They cost 30-40 dollars. Place your existing 'failing' drive in one slot of the docking station and your new disk in the other slot (make sure you get them in the correct slots, as marked on the dock) . Hit the clone button and come back in a few hours. Your new drive will then be a bit for bit copy of your original. Backup all your music and movie files to a USB drive before doing this. Here is a typical docking station (I haven't used this particular one but it looks typical)