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firmware upgrade for Zen Vortebox 2.3 to SMBv2 ?

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  • firmware upgrade for Zen Vortebox 2.3 to SMBv2 ?

    My zen Vortebox can now be seen in my windows 10 pc on my network. It works perfectly. I can see the zen webpage and operate it ie reboot etc. But I cannot open any folders of transfer files. I had to update Windows Features to SMBv1 following recent windows updates and that meant I could see the Zen on my network again. I cant access it to transfer files. Is there an update to SMBv2 or nay other suggestions for this?
    Any ideas ?

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    A common problem is that you don't point to the \\vortexbox\files tree. If you just point to \\vortexbox\music for instance that folder is write protected.
    Apart from that, there's a reason Microsoft disabled SMBv1 so I don't suggest trying to bypass that, even if it does work.
    As far as I can tell, Vortexbox 2.3 supports SMBv2, you just have to mount the disk in a different way in Win 10.
    In a Win 10 file explorer window, click "Computer -> Add a network location" and follow that wizard to map your Vortexbox, and as before, make sure to point to the \\vortexbox\files tree.