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installing problems vortexbox

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  • installing problems vortexbox


    I use vortexbox for about 10 years, and i love it!
    After a power problem in my house my vortexbox did not boot anymore, I am trying to instal it again, so far no luck.

    I try to install 2.4 from a cd, now it stops booting with " a start job is running ............

    Can somebody please help me?

    I have a verry limmited understanding of linux

    I have a vortexbox consisting of a asus mini-itx motherboard with quadcore processor, a 30 gb ssd and three 2 TB hdd ( I had them in a single logical volume of 5.5 TB end want that too in my new install.

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    I managed to get vortexbox 2.4 running on my ssd and I was able to to mount 1 hdd as storage ( with twodiskinstall)

    but I can't get the 2 other hdd working as storage? who can help me ????
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      This should help -