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  • Web Interface - Looks wrong

    Hi there,

    Long time Vortexbox user and i think we've a new forum as I didn't seem to have an account and it looks fancier!!!

    Just "upgraded" from 2.2 to 2.4 via fresh install. I tried various things not to, but now i'm 64bit on my Proliant 36L - Also have it on a 3TB drive rather than my 1.5TB one that SMART was being fussy over, so more storage. Just got to reload 1TB of data!!!

    Anyway the gui / web interface is it's missing a charcter and the text names are crossing into the log display space. Irksome, but not a deal breaker. I also seem to be missing a system info page that opened in a new window and gave system stats.

    minim dnla is missing a config page too, though once enabled i can see files again, so again not a biggy.

    Now to see if the couple of region A blurays will rip as I got an old cult film (Rockula) that's irritatingly locked. Why!?!?! Damn DRM.


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    Had similar problem with my GUI. Pressing F5 cured it.