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Migrating storage to a new drive

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  • Migrating storage to a new drive

    hello Vortexboxers!

    last year I set up a 2 disk install. SSD for OS and a 3TB for /storage

    I’ve been saving up my pocket money and have bought a 6TB drive to replace the old 3TB.

    Should I back up my storage folder to the new drive and swap them over? (I know it’s not this simple!)

    Or do I need to fiddle with logical volumes…


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    Good question!
    Make a backup before you start.

    I reckon you would have to fdisk the drive to set it up, mount it as something other than "storage", copy your music to the new drive, unmount storage and the new drive, then mount the new drive as "storage".

    Have a look through for the fdisk commands to set up the 6TB drive, you will have to google the copy command to copy the data. Make a backup before you start.


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      You might also try removing your existing disk and using a disk cloning device to clone your existing drive onto the new 6TB. Once its cloned then expand the 6TB to include the additional space. Cloning a smaller drive to a bigger one works fine. Done it many times.


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        I have used clonezilla to copy hdd from smaller to bigger all day. It will work, as I copied my boot drive from a 120gb hdd to a 1tb ssd hdd.