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Volume issues with Squeezelite player compared to old Vortexbox player

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  • Volume issues with Squeezelite player compared to old Vortexbox player

    Help please. Upgraded my original Vortexbox 1 (Fedora 11) with new disk, more RAM and Vortexbox 2.4. Once restored with all my music files very happy with result (thanks to great instructions from Doris1997). There are few niggles which I can live with but one which is more of an issue. I use the Vortexbox as one of my players (direct to active speakers in the kitchen) and have followed the instructions to activate the new player on VB2.4 (squeezelite rather than MPD). The problem is that the volume is at least half that of the old Vortexbox Player meaning I have to whack the volume of the speakers up very high to get a decent volume. I've experimented with various settings in the configure player section of the VB GUI but without changing the volume level at all.

    I notice from the squeezelite man page that there are various settings which may change the volume. So two questions:

    1. Can the volume output of the squeezelite player be increased using these command line settings?
    2. If so, is there an editable plist file that I can add the additional settings to.

    If neither of the above are true then what are my options?


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    With your problem Player selected as the in the LMS GUI take a look at the Settings GUI page of LMS. Under the 'Player' tab grab the pull down menu next to the player pull down and check the settings for the Audio page for your player. Check that 'Volume Control' setting and others are correctly set.


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      Thanks for the advice. However I have tried various settings in that page without any change. The only one that made any difference was the Direct Streaming Volume which only effects the Internet Radio stuff, not the files in the LMS. I am looking at various options and looking at various configuration settings in Squeezebox and Squeezelite, though I'm tempted to resort back to mpd, though I will have to configure this myself, which will be a pain.


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        Could this be an Alsamixer setting issue? I don't know what the default setting for volume control is in Alsamixer, but perhaps it's different than your previous version.


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          Sounds like the mixer to me!


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            Yes I had the same idea yesterday and used alsamixer to check and lo and behold the master volume was down at 34%, so not surprising I was having trouble. Interesting that the default setting for the Fedora 23 was set so low (though I guess it's not that surprising, but took me by surprise). So checked the player this morning and it was fine. Thank you all for your help