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Can't see Vortexbox from Windows 10

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  • Can't see Vortexbox from Windows 10

    My Linux skills are minimal at best. I can remote into my VB and can follow instructions. My main purpose in having a Vortexbox is as a player for my old stereo so I can stream music to it via DLNA. I do occasionally tune into radio stations via LMS. Right now I am trying to get VB to show up as a DLNA rendered or server but none of my devices see it. My box died some time ago with a bad power supply. I have since replaced the PSU and am trying to get my neglected VB to serve the function I assembled it for.

    Prior to posting this. I have attempted to address the problem. I have tried to follow the advice in this forum post. I am unable to find any identifiable problems. I have updated VB as recommended.
    It should not be assumed that I have any clue whatsoever how VB should be configured and used. I know at one time it worked but have no clue as to what I may have changed to break it including a complete reinstall.

    I can successfully do all of the following:
    • Access the Vortexbox GUI by typing its IP address or http://vortexbox/ into a browser
    • Access the LMS GUI by typing its IP address into a browser
    • Access each Windows computer from the other Windows computer
    • Play music or internet radio on the SBT and the SBR from the LMS server
    • Shut down or reboot the VB from the VB GUI.
    • Putty into the VB from the Windows computers.
    • See icons in Windows File Explorer for the other devices on the network.
    I cannot successfully do any of the following OR by clicking its icon in Windows File Explorer OR by clicking its icon in the VB GUI
    • See in Windows File Explorer an icon representing the VB OR the LMS
    • Access the VB GUI from
    • Stream music to VB from Windows via "Cast to Device" OR from my phone via BubbleUPnP
    Partially Fixed
    • See or access the files or file folders on the VB from the Windows computers either using Windows File Explorer or through a browser or by the “win+R and enter \\<iip address>” method (Now partially corrected. Still no Icon to browse to. See link for the fix)
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    Yes this is a Windows security problem not a Linux one. Check on the Windows support forums. I know there are a bunch of weird problems with different version of Windows 10.


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      Try this to re-enable SMB in Win10


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        Just as you describe in first post, I had that happen starting even with Win7 machine after certain Windows updates. I have two VB and had previously always seen them as "computers" on my network in the Windows Explorer view. Sometimes, out of the blue, my Win10 and Win7 PCs will again show the vortexbox in the network, but I've never had luck with getting this to persist, and have tried all the Samba tricks and a few other suggested fixes for network.

        But I did need to see the VB machines in Win Explorer to facilitate adding to music folder from the Windows PCs in the network
        What did work well is simply mapping the two VB as drives on my Win10 and Win7 machines.
        What made this even better for me, was mapping direct to the VB "music" folders, which saves me a few clicks to get there.

        I still can't determine when the VB may return to show as "computer" again, but the issue history informs me they will again disappear.
        Map the VB as a drive from your Win10 PC and you can at least see the folders persist in Windows Explorer -- it's much more convenient than conjuring VB with "win+R and enter \\<iip address>” method.

        Using to reach the GUI works on a fresh install, once the network discovers the IP address to that GUI, the "" seems to stop working.
        Can't speak to the streaming to the VB concern, although they do show up in context menu when I am playing files from a PC to a TV or device, I just never had an inclination to stream to the VB.