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Vortexbox Appliance Not Found on New Network

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  • Vortexbox Appliance Not Found on New Network

    I have enjoyed using my vortexbox appliance for several years. However, I "upgraded' my modem today to a new modem and the appliance cannot be discovered on the network. My new modem's IP address is and my vortexbox static address is/was I assume from reading similar topics that that is not within range. But what can I do to correct this? Please note that I have limited technical experience/knowledge. I used advanced ip scanner but it couldn't find the device. I attempted to connect directly with cryptoterm but, of course, couldn't connect. Thanks for your help!

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    If you previously set a static IP-address in your Vortexbox you will have to undo this, at best before switching your modem or router (using the Network Configuration page in the VB GUI).
    If you forgot or are forced out (by a malfunctioning unit) you can do this by attaching a keyboard and monitor to your vortexbox and reset your network settings.
    fix_network rebuild
    see the wiki: How do I reset the network settings on my VortexBox



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      Bart, Thanks for your quick reply. I have attempted to attach my laptop via ethernet cable and using cryptoterm. Unfortunately, the new modem will not see the old IP address so this is not possible. Will I have to bring the vortexbox to someplace else where it can be seen by the network in order to reset the network settings or is there some way I can get it to work with this new modem?


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        Once I realized that I could connect the old modem and router without it having to be connected to the internet, I was able to reset the vortexbox to DHCP. (I did mention that I'm not very computer savvy.) That fixed the problem. Thanks again for leading me there.


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          Connecting the old modem and router to reset your Vortexbox sounds computer savvy to me.
          Though connecting a keybourd and monitor directly into the vortexbox and after a reboot 'manually' typing a command will sound more computer savvy to others.

          Anyway enjoy your music !