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VortexBox for x86 architectures?

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  • VortexBox for x86 architectures?

    Whilst the description for v2.4 is clear that it requires an x64 architecture processor, the situation for earlier versions is unclear; there is no simple, definitive statement of processor or system compatibility for v2.3 or earlier. There is a hint that x86 architectures should be possible, given that there are links to 'installing i386 images using a USB key'. The i386 will most certainly be an x86 architecture.

    Can anyone provide a definitive statement of the processor architecture requirements for the various versions?

    I was hoping that v2.3 might not require x64, but I am unable to create the installation, encountering the exact same problem with creating partitions that this user experienced; an inability to create the partition table:

    The USB bootloader boots and runs correctly, but gets as far as failing to create the /dev/sda partitions, when it pops up a very brief error message (had to snap with phone camera), and then drops to the next, pretty-coloured screen suggesting a reboot, which made me think all had gone well, for some time...

    Given that the majority of the syslinux & install code works, my guess is that the processor architecture isn't the problem for the bootloader.

    I am trying to install onto a WD Scorpio Blue 160GB HDD, running on an Atom N270 single board computer. The idea of a small, low power, standalone, autonomous CD ripper & media library is appealing, but, so far, the apparent simplicity of use is in marked contrast to the installation process.

    If anyone can give me the root password for the syslinux installer, I could at least try manually creating partitions.

    I also note the last build was in November 2015; does this mean that this project is dead?

    Thanks for any help that can be offered.

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    I have managed to install v2.3 on an x86 architecture machine.

    It appears that the automatic installer doesn't work, so I have written a manual install script. See this thread for details: