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New Build from CD ISO Please Help

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  • New Build from CD ISO Please Help

    Trying to build a new 3 TB Vortexbox 2.4 and been struggling with this most of the afternoon any help appreciated

    this is the response i get from trying with a a CD Iso

    Boot from cd:

    ISOLINUX 6.03 2014-10-06 ETCD copyright(c) 94 -2014 H Peter Anvin et all
    EDD Error 8000reading sector 343750 NO DEFAULT or UI config found directive found!


    I have also tried with an iso on a USB drive(made it bootable before hand) & also with extracted files on said drive
    then i get

    No boot device available press enter key to retry
    SATA-0 Installed
    SATA-1 None
    SATA 4 Installed
    SATA 5 nONE

    I have also tried the extracted files and iso on other usb drives and an sd card still no joy
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    I didn't think that boot drives in Fedora 25 could be more than 2TB????? I don't know, but that is the general rule I have been going on. It may be a BIOS thing. You need a EUFI Bios to have a boot drive larger than 2TB also.

    What style of BIOS is on your motherboard?

    Disclaimer is that this may be a wild goose chase, just my thoughts and wanting to help.