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Failed VBA 2.3 Install HP Proliant Gen 7

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  • Failed VBA 2.3 Install HP Proliant Gen 7

    I have installed VBA 2.3 on an HP Proliant Gen 7 before. Have multiple installs of VBA 2.4 on HP Proliant Gen 7 micro severs. This one will not finish. It fails to create a boot partition on the 120GB SSD. After it fails if I choose to exit to CMD Line and do an fdisk, it sees the 120GB SSD as /dev/sda, sees the 6TB hard drive as /dev/sdb, and the 4GB USB Drive as /dev/sdc1. All the drive letters are correct and all are shown in the slots they are actually in. But the only Drive that shows a Boot Sector is the 4GB USB Drive. When it gets to Clonezilla, it warns me it is going to wipe the 120GB SSD, starts the procedure then fails.

    This HP Proliant has 4GB RAM, the DVD Burner, with my installed 120GB SSD in Slot OO and my 6TB hard drive in Slot 01. RAID is set to single drives No RAID.

    Thoughts, suggestions, ideas, things to try?

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    Is the SSD new? Do you have another drive you could try temporarily? Maybe its a drive problem and not a server problem.


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      Originally posted by brubacca View Post
      Is the SSD new? Do you have another drive you could try temporarily? Maybe its a drive problem and not a server problem.
      I have tried a brand new SSD drive, same results. I shut down another one of my Proliant Servers that used to be VBA 2.3 before I upgraded it to VBA 2.4 so I know it works as configured with both. Tried both the old SSD Drive and the New SSD Drive, same results, No Boot Partition. So I now think I have a bad install USB. The USB is definitely bootable because everything works up to creating an OS Drive so it is booting. One thing I am noticing, IIRC normally there are multiple option after the boot from USB, with this USB, I get only one option: Install from 4GB USB. Do I remember correctly that there should be more then one option?

      Does this help anybody know right off what file(s) could be missing or corrupted on the USB Stick?

      I am going to make a new install USB Stick using a different USB Drive and see what happens. Thanks for the post.


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        Update 2:

        So I tried two brand new SSDs of different brands, No Joy! Created a new USB Stick, still No Joy but this USB Stick is not bootable because two hidden files are not being brought over to the USB Stick. So I decided to go old school since this HP Proliant has an optical drive. I created my ISO, it boots from it, gets done with its prep, goes to Clonezilla, and the ISO has the same fail, No Boot Partition.

        Thoughts, suggestions, ideas?


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          Update Number 3:
          So I finally got a USB Drive to pass becoming a Boot Drive. No errors, no failures to transfer or install hidden files, still No Joy whether in the known good Proliant or the new Proliant. So I bit the bullet and put the SSD and Data drives out of the known good Proliant into the new Proliant and not issues. The new Proliant is not the issue! I was able to put Ubuntu on both the new different brand SSDs and run them fine in the new Proliant. Tried the install with just the SSD without the big data drive in Bay 01, No Joy with either the ISO CD or USB Boot Drive. Was looking through some of my older hard drives and found a 4TB hard drive and put it in Bay 00 and turned it on without the USB Stick or ISO CD. The new Proliant booted right up on VBA 2.3 which is what was on the old 4TB hard Drive.

          Has anybody else tried to make an ISO Copy or USB Boot Drive using VBA 2.3 lately? The reason I ask is that from all my testing recently it appears like the 2.3 ISO and USB Images are both corrupted. I am going to burn a 2.4 ISO tonight and see if it will format and make the SSD a Boot Drive.