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PLEASE HELP: VBA Borked By Power Outage

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  • PLEASE HELP: VBA Borked By Power Outage

    Hope someone can help since a brief power outage, yesterday, appears to have partially trashed the file system on my 10-year old UK VortexBox Appliance (1.66GHz Intel Atom D510, 1GByte RAM, 2TB, Vortexbox s/w v2.3 on Fedora v20). This unit has been running more or less continuously for 10 years (not bad, huh?) and I’ve done a couple of VB upgrades on it. I also use it as a home network server and thus have a rigorous backup regime for both my music and non-VB data (thank, god!) Although it has survived occasional power outages in the past, last night a [very brief] outage appears to have borked it and, since my knowledge of Linux is limited, I‘d appreciate any help from the Linux experts here, in getting back up and running,.

    Examining the boot-up process messages via journalctl -b , it is immediately obvious that EXT4 file system errors in /dev/mapper/VolGroup-lv_storage have been detected and that the system has tried to correct them with fsck. This appears to have failed to correct the problem (at one point, fsck returned an error code 4) and, consequently, the boot process has dropped the system into Emergency mode whilst reporting:

    /dev/mapper/VolGroup-lv_storage UNEXPECTED INCONSISTENCY. Run fschk MANUALLY (i.e. without -a or -p options)
    and then Warning mounting fs with errors, running e2fsck is recommended

    Obviously, this was caused by the outage but, interestingly enough, in spite of the file system problems, a lot of my non-VBA data (MS Office files, pics etc) is still accessible and can be copied to USB keys etc.

    So, can anyone help me to get back up and running. Is it better to try and fix the file system inconsistencies or, since everything is backed up, just go for broke and install VB2.4? If I choose to do the upgrade, will the process fix the file system errors or simply replace the existing [broken] F20 file system with a shiny new F23 file system? For that matter, can I do an upgrade with a broken F20 file system or do I have to fix that problem before I can upgrade? Alternatively, if I try to fix the system, what’s the best way to go about it? There’s an interesting article here ( about how to fix file system errors with a manual fsck but I really don’t have enough knowledge to know if it’s the way to go or just a blind alley.

    All help, answers, thoughts very gratefully accepted cos I’m missing my music (copying it back onto my LAN to play it via VLC is a time-consuming pain) and pulling home data off backups, as and when needed, is something I can do without
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    I suggest you do a clean install of VB 2.4 then restore your backup.
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      Thanks garym. Even though it seems as if a standalone run of the linux fsck utility should (!) repair the filesystem damage, my knowledge of linux isn't good enough for me to feel confident that I could handle any issues which might arise during the course of any such repair. That being the case, and since I've got up-to-date backups, I think your suggestion of a clean 2.4 install makes sense.

      I guess it will need to be from a CD boot image since my VBA doesn't have a 'boot from usb' option in it's BIOS (too old, I suppose). Am I right in thinking that I should use the i386 image rather than the ARM image (not really sure which is the right one for the VBA 1.66GHz Intel Atom D510 chip, or even what is the difference between them)?

      All advice gratefully received


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        yes, use the i386 image.


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          Thanks for the steer and advice, garym. Clean install of CD image 2.4, followed by restore of music etc (the most time consuming part, even when copied from a USB drive directly to the VBA!) and we're back up and running. It may be my imagination but the image install of 2.4 seems a lot cleaner and quicker than previous major VB updates!....and now, back to the music :-)


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            yes, the 2.4 install process is much improved. Glad to hear all is back to normal.