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  • Help with new setup

    Absolute newbie here.....

    Hi all,
    I have a vortex box ( long story) but have no clue how to set it up to my network or pair it with my Apple TV. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    thanks in advance

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    Hi Trev

    Are you saying that you have a Vortex which is up and running and you simply want to load it up with music/movies ?? OR are you saying you have a computer onto whcih you want to install (or upgrade) Vortexbox ?




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      Hi Sean,
      Thanks for your reply, Ive managed to set up my box, and connected to Apple TV via PLEX. It seems now I need to update the licence number makemkv to allow me to rip DVD's. To be honest I'm a real luddite and need to be walked through the process. I searched the forum and did find a post that related to my problem but i have no idea how to go through the process.

      Thanks again


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        You can buy a license here

        but ripping DVDs does not work that well. It's best done on a computer.


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          Hi Trev, Welcome to the Forum.
          Andrew (the Vortexbox Developer) knows of what he speaks. The CD ripper works great if one is just going to take what it gives you tagging wise or doing rips only to MP3, but for those of us that are anal retentive about our Tags, we rip on other computers with dedicated CD Ripping Programs like dBpower Amp then move the files over to the proper Vortexbox directory (plus a copy to my USB Backup drive while I'm at it, two birds one stone). The Vortexbox built-in DVD Ripper works but one must know the current work around such as immediately properly renaming the current movie rip before doing another or it the next one just over-writes the one you just did basically deleting it. Since there is work involved, in my opinion one might as well DL MakeMKV so one can rip on another PC or Laptop correctly with full titles and tags plus using all the options available in MakeMKV, then use Samba or Windows Explorer to move the files to the proper directory on the Vortexbox. Vortexbox is using MakeMKV but in the most basic of possible setting and the link is broken due to so many updates to MakeMKV which is what causes the issue that one must knowing do a workaround when using the built in DVD Ripper. The basic ripper is not bad (as I ripped probably 2000 CDs using it while the automation was working perfectly), it is just time consuming in its current state of function. Hence I DL's a copy of MakeMKV and bought a license and never looked back once I discovered all the great settings I could use in the full copy. I rip a bunch of DVDs then before going to bed I select all the newly ripped DVDs using Windows Explorer (hold down Windows key and "E" at the same time to open) and move them to the proper directly on my Movies Vortexbox and it copies them over to my Vortexbox as I sleep.


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            i still run the older Vortexbox 2.3 and this works for me

            Google search makemkv licence and you will see it is still free for linux while in beta. Copy the licence and got to your vortexbox in a browser [type in the address bar] and then click the ip address. Click the system button and then licence manager. Paste the licence key and press submit.