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LMS 'Settings' have disapeared

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  • LMS 'Settings' have disapeared

    My LMS is functioning fine. The main Home page is there with its sub pages and I can play music and select Players etc. BUT I cannot access any of my Settings. When I click the 'Settings' link on bottom right of the main page a new tab comes up (whcih would normally be the settings page) but its a blank tab and the browser says "403 Forbidden: settings/index.html". I've never seen that before. Any ideas what the problem is ??

    Running VB v2.4 fully updated. All was running fine before, although I have had a bit of a play at the command line installing the Squeeze Repo (

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    Hey Sean,
    The actual web page shows the 404 error, can you tell us what the actual URL line says? Does it start with (Vortexbox IP Address:9000/settings/index.html?player) ?

    Do you have any means other then the Information Page to tell us the exact version of LMS that is running?

    Lastly have SSH'd into the VBA and ran:
    dnf clean all; dnf update Then rebooted, then see if you can open the Settings page?


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      Hi Transporter

      Many thanks for your suggestions.

      I SSH'd in and ran the two dnf commands and a few packages were updated OK. Seems fine. After that I rebooted OK.

      On the 'error 403 page' (its 403 I note, not 404) the URL is as follows : b:c4:d6:d5

      I guess the hex code is the MAC of the players ??

      Hope you can help.



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        Hi Sean

        Well the URL line is correct as long as the MAC Address matches the current player that is selected in LMS's right panel. Since you can't get to the Settings/Player page in LMS due to the 403 Error, if you have a Touch and select it as the player in LMS, you would be able to go to the Touch and select Settings, Advanced, Diagnostics, General Info to verify the current player Mac Address.

        Have you cleared you Browser Cache and Cleared your Cookies? Have you made any changes to permissions on your PC running LMS? Have you tried more then one browser plus another desktop or laptop to rule out a browser or routing issue?

        Have a look at this website about 403 errors:


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          Hi Transporter

          It gets more interesting by the minute.

          If I'm on my local LAN (same as Vortex) the Settings page appears just as normal, no issues. However, if I access Vortex (LMS page) remotely using my DDNS (I do this all the time, normally no probs) the LMS Home page loads, just as normal and I can select music and play it; all works fine. But the Settings page will not load over DDNS (this has been working perfectly for months and months before). The same problem exists whatever Browser I use over DDNS and no matter which computer I use.

          So, in summary; LMS works perfectly normally when accessed from the Vortex local LAN but when accessed remotely (DDNS) only the LMS Home page loads fine but the Settings page doesn't load. Remote terminal access via DDNS works fine, I can access the console remotely and execute command line commands, no problem..

          Clearly something has changed because for the last year or more there was no problem at with DDNS access to Settings. Weird



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            Logitech Media Server 7.9.1 is out!

            Today I released Logitech Media Server 7.9.1 as the stable community release. It's full of small tweaks and bug fixes to improve usability and reliability:
            • Allow genres or artists to be excluded from scrobbling.
            • Allow streaming of https sources by proxying them through LMS (requires IO::Socket::SSL to be installed Linux systems)
            • Show hi-res images on high density displays.
            • Added more Perl binaries for more recent platforms, incl. ARM and AARCH64.
            • Limit growth of the write-ahead log files for caches.

            And security:
            • Update IO::Socket::SSL on Windows to improve compatibility with newer SSL standards.
            • Improve support for SSL protected communication. Use https to log in to if possible.
            • Block access to settings pages from outside the local network.
            • Fix several XSS vulnerabilities in the web UI.

            ...And interaction with 3rd party extensions:
            • Allow plugins to support seeking within a transcoded stream.
            • Allow plugins to add JavaScript to the main web UI.

            Please get the full list of improvements in the changelog.


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              Many thanks for pointing that out Doris 1997

              Wow, that's a regressive step by the LMS team!!

              Hacker needed, I remote change settings all the time, its fundamental to the way I use LMS.

              I imagine the LMS team see this as a security improvement, but in fact its unnecessary. I use my router to re-map ports such that from the WAN side the ports used are entirely different to the standard LMS ports. For example I don't use :9000 to access the main LMS GUI page. I re map this in my router such that for example on the WAN side I might use '' and in my router I remap port 12017 to port 9000 at the IP address of my Vortexbox

              I really think the LMS team need to make this a user option. Fine if its enabled by default but give the users the option to disable it


              Sean (miffed)


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                Hi Doris 1997

                I just checked the changelog and in fact this 'security' feature was added at Version 7.7.6. I have been using version 7.9.x for some time and until 2 days ago I had not problems remote accessing Settings ???

                Very odd



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                  Yes Sean that is very odd ... maybe the new feature was added but was dormant and not really implemented ?

                  Maybe there was a bug in the 7.7.6 change and was finally fixed in the latest version change?

                  Strange indeed!

                  What happens if you remotely use 9000 without remapping?

                  Apparetly there was an LMS firmware upgrade on my VBA on 5/18/2018 see below:
                  Upgrading: bliss-tagger noarch 20180424-1.fc20 vortexbox 36 M logitechmediaserver noarch 1:7.9.1-0.7.20180404git1522249619.fc23 vortexbox 13 M logitechmediaserver-firmware-ip3k noarch 1:7.9.1-0.7.20180404git1522249619.fc23 vortexbox 2.0 M.
                  Last edited by Doris1997; 05-24-2018, 09:55 AM.


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                    Hi Sean
                    Have a look at your Log on the Vortexbox GUI under Vortexbox Upgrade. It might show in the open lower window but if you have had a bunch of activity there please click on the "View Log" tab. I think that you might have done an update after May 18, 2018 and hence this problem is with the latest LMS update of May 18, 2018. Even if you don't see it in the log, please also check your LMS Settings page now that you know how to get to it and tell us what the actual full version number is of the LMS that is running. I am thinking we will see its the latest and greatest which means the quick fix is to fall back one update until this is figured out.


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                      Sounds Right!


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                        Hi guys.

                        My installed version of LMS is 7.9.1 - 0.7.20180404git1522249619 @ Mon May 14 10:51:59 EDT 2018




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                          Maybe the below prompted the change:



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                            Originally posted by Doris1997 View Post
                            Maybe the below prompted the change:

                            I think Doris1997 is right see also: Access to settings pages is now restricted?



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                              Thanks Bart, I should have looked into this deeper and found your link .... I think this answers the question.