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Tidal issue, Connect Reset By Local Host

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  • Tidal issue, Connect Reset By Local Host

    My neighbor is operating a 2.4 Vortexbox that I built for him with LMS and Plex running on it. Running Logitech Media Server Version: 7.9.1 - 0.4.20170705git1498799744 @ Tue Aug 1 18:35:55 EDT 2017. He has Tidal installed, an active subscription, and has been using Tidal via the App Icon on his Squeezebox Touch for over a year. Now for the problem. On Wednesday he built a playlist using Tidal files adding them to the Touch. Tidal found the music, placed the tracks in order on the Touch, he pressed Play and the Touch showed about 8 to 10 seconds moving on the song time line but without any audio output, then Touch displayed "Connection Reset By Local Host", then moved to the next song in the playlist to repeat the exact same event over and over until reaching a song in the playlist that was from his ripped files which played. So he called and asked if I had time to drop by and have a look.

    I have powered down and rebooted his router, modem, servers, and Squeezeboxen. It is still doing the exact same thing. I searched 5 different streaming forums and Googled this error with the one suggestion being it is a firewall issue or privilege setting. Well that doesn't make sense because it's been working over a year and nothing has been changed (on Router, Modem, or Firewall) PLUS he can stream Tidal on his phone, laptop, and PCs (via WiFi and Ethernet) which are all having to get that data stream through said Internet connection, Router, Firewall. I found a Post on the Slim Devices forum from the last week in April that stated only US users were unable to stream Tidal on Squeezebox but that it had since been mostly resolved. That isn't the case here or we are dealing with an additional/new issue now.

    Has anybody else seen this problem? Thoughts, suggestions, things to look at, things to try?

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    Similar problems here with Tidal & Radio Paradise, usually after rebooting the Vortexbox. The workaround I've been using is to uninstall the plugins, allow LMS to restart, then reinstall the plugins and allow LMS to restart again.


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      OK, really stuck here. All Vortexboxes (neighbors and mine) are updated to VBA 2.4 and all running Logitech Media Server Version: 7.9.1 - 0.7.20180404git1522249619 @ Mon May 14 10:51:59 EDT 2018 (known good with Tidal). Yet whether trying to use Tidal at his home or mine, there is a "Connect Reset by Local Host" error! The advice from the Slim Devices Forum was to reset everything. So I unplugged his modem, router, all his Squeezboxen, all Ethernet connected devices in his home, and shut off the WiFi in all devices, shutdown his Vortexbox Server. Came back 30 minutes later, plugged in modem, router, waited 5 minutes, turned on the VBA, waited 5 minutes, plugged his Touch units in and turned on his Transporter. Did not put anything else on the network. Went to Tidal and we could do any search we want to, pick any album or song and send it to the Touch and it shows in the Playlist, BUT the second we try to play any Tidal song the Track Time shows it is supposedly playing but we have no audio and when it get to the 10 to 12 second mark, the Touch displays "Connect Reset by Local Host", then moves to the next track in the playlist if there is one, shuts down to Time screen saver if no tracks remain.

      Thoughts or suggestions?