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Need Instructions On How To UNMOUNT A USB Drive

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  • Need Instructions On How To UNMOUNT A USB Drive

    I recently posted two topics - "How To Use a USB Drive For The VortexBox Media Library - Creating Top-Level Folders" and "Vortexbox Box Has Just...Disappeared".

    I've discovered that the two are linked. After mounting the USB drive for media files I went and unplugged it. This caused my VB, which is a stand alone machine connected by ethernet to my modem, to disappear off my network, but I didn't connect the association at the time.

    I went and reinstalled the VB (2.4) and reloaded all my music files from my back up. No problem, just took all night.

    Yesterday I decided to have another try at using the external USB for music files - please don't ask why, I just had an idea in my head but this method doesn't achieve what I had in mind. Anyway, after realizing that this wasn't what I really wanted, I unplugged the USB and went away to do something else. When I came back to my PC and went to open the music folder in VB it had disappeared again.

    That's when the light bulb lit up above my head. I plugged the USB back into the VB and, voila, it came back. I guess it's like removing the OS drive from a PC.

    To save me reinstalling 2.4 again to correct the problem, does anyone know of a way where I can just unmount the external USB.


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    umount ? (not unmount)
    as in: 'umount /dev/sdb1' (where sdb1 should be replaced by the proper device-name)
    I guess you have to alter the procedure described in the wiki[]=mount
    by unmounting the drive and mount /storage and edit /etc/fstab back to original state

    disclaimer: it's a calculated guess, so as long nobody else chimes in, use at own risk!

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      Thanks bart. Didn't work but no real problem. Just reinstalled again. Thanks for your reply.