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FLAC Mirror problem: always adding artwork again

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  • FLAC Mirror problem: always adding artwork again

    I am running a vortexbox 2.3 with latest updates on a dedicated server PC connected directly to my amplifier.
    I have some 4000 Cd on a 3 TB data HD, SSD is holding the OS ( Fedora release 20 ) . I have disabled automatic mirroring of Mp3 instead I do batch mirroring when I have new music, just let it run over night.
    The problem I have is the following : there is a number of albums and individual tracks that add covers again everytime i do the batch mirroring. For some reason, it seems that the cover art is not stored in the mp3 , therefore it is trying to add it again everytime I do the batch mirror. I tried to delete the mp3 and convert again, no difference .
    I have seen many of the files having special characters ( ยด`' ) , I tried to replace them but also no difference.
    Does anyone have an idea what to look for in order to solve this ?