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Connecting UPS to a Vortexbox

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  • Connecting UPS to a Vortexbox

    Hi. I am new to the forum (please be kind). Had read some info on whether or not you really need to protect your VortexBox with a UPS however I already have a UPS and would like to know if i need to configure anything on the VortexBox to ensure it shuts down cleanly when iti gets a trigger (via USB) from the UPS? I have a dbmserver VortexBox running v2.3

    thanks for any advice.

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    Vortexbox runs on top of Fedora Linux so in theory you should have no problem installing some supported UPS utility that would trigger the shutdown once the UPS had lost its mains supply. I’m no Linux expert but I’d be surprised if it was too difficult to try.


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      Ok. Thanks. Do I just go in on the command line them from a terminal? I hadn't tried inserting the software cd that belongs to my UPS but will give it a go.


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        HI Musicman, being effectively a Linux box means that the CD with drivers is probably not useful as it is unlikely to contain a Linux driver. Fedora has support for many UPSs built into it. I do not run Fedora on my main machine, but Ubuntu, with Feodra only on the Vortexbox. I also don't own a UPS, but what I can tell you is that if you visit the Fedora forum, or other general Linux forum, you should find some helpful soul that can help sort you out.

        Getting the Fedora to see the UPS should not be difficult and it should be possible to simply set it up so that it will shut down the Vortexbox if the UPS is triggered.

        Sorry I cannot be more specific.


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          apcupsd is a good package for this. It was originally designed to support APC upses but it supports a lot of others as well. I uses it with my CyberPower UPS.


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            Would anyone be willing to post a step-by-step on how to install and set up apcupsd (or alternative) to enable a UPS to sent a shutdown order to the Vortexbox or point me to the right forum for this topic? Many thanks!