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New router and modem - IP Address

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    If you have network problems try login in from the console (monitor and keyboard) and type


    This fixes most network problems.


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      thanks everyone for your help!!! I really appreciate it.

      when I try to login in from the console (monitor and keyboard) the only prompt I have is for username then password...that's it...and have no success when I plug in the Login as root, password vortexbox

      I tried an IP scanner and have plugged in all the IP addresses listed and none work....not sure why

      So I've come to terms with the fact that I may need to reinstall vortexbox and then re-rip all my cd's and I'm ok with that.....I guess the question with that is how do I create a "run" thumb drive
      I've copied all the files over to the thumb drive and now what?


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        Ok i talked to the company that did the initial setup and although the tried to send someone out at $$$ to fix the problem he eventually gave me a suggestion

        He figured the IP address changed and was not "syncing" with my new router.....blah blah blah..or something like that...
        Told me to do the following
        - change the TCPIP to manually and then put in the old vortex IP address and change the last digits from ...205 to ...2
        - and bam i'm at the vortex home page!!!

        just not sure what do from here


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          from my vortex homepage i think i need to go to Network Configuration and change some of the info there to match something somewhere


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            OR as i look through this i also noted under the Configure VortexBox Player there is a box for MAC this something that needs to be changed?


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              the install guy also gave me a few options for passwords and ..... one of them worked!!!

              NOW i just managed to log in to the box with monitor and keyboard!!!

              my command prompt is :

              Last login: Tue Dec 16 09:10:40 from
              [vortexbox . localdomain ~]#

              not sure if i should try the fix_network rebuild command or not....?



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                Ok, so you have access to your VB web page on your browser now, which I assume shows you the IP address, etc and you can log on to the VB machine if needed. Can you recap what it is you are having problems with...can't play music, etc??


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                  Yes, I have access to my VB web page on my browser and I can pick the icons on the left (Home, Squeezebox Server, CD/DVD Ripper / FLAC Mirror / Network Configuration / System Configuration / Setup / DNLA ) Lots of places and boxes for IP addresses etc. I can also log in on my VB using a monitor and keyboard and I have the following command prompt;

                  Last login: Tue Dec 16 09:10:40 from
                  [vortexbox . localdomain ~]#

                  ...I'm scared to type anything in, I don't want to screw things up even further!

                  So what’s the issue…in short, I no longer can access / play my stored music on the Vortexbox using my Sonos system. I have checked and confirmed my Sonos is pointing to the VB - that hasn't changed

                  I suspect the IP address(s) are not matching up somewhere…please keep in mind the whole IP address thing is confusing. What I did in order to access the VB page, as recommended by the installer is the following;
                  1. On my MacBook pro, I changed the TCPIP address to manual
                  2. I entered the VB IP address I had but changed the last number from to and when I did that the VB page came up!
                  I have no idea what to do from here....

                  What does the fix_network rebuild command do?
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                    login with your monitor and keyboard. You were given the username root and the password vortexbox in post #7 above.

                    Type ifconfig this will give you the ip address.

                    Follow this to reset your IP address

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                      Ok here's tonights update.

                      - logged on via monitor and keyboard - CHECK
                      - ifconfig - CHECK
                      - reset IP address - CHECK
                      - can access my VB home page - CHECK
                      - can view the VB on my MacBook as shared folder - CHECK
                      - play music on Sonos - CHECK!!!

                      Problems / Questions
                      - How come my IP address is not like everyone else 192.168......? mine is which is almost the same as my modem
                      - Can i change what the vortexbox is called in my "finder" on my MacBook? Right now it's just the IP address but used to be called Vortexbox

                      You guys have been great! Thank you!!!
                      beers on me!


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                        1. That IP range was chosen by your modem manufacture.

                        2. Not sure. it should show up as VortexBox.


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                          As an aside, earlier you mentioned that you might have to reinstall Vortexbox and then re-rip your CDs. You should never have to rerip your CDs if you have a backup of the files. If you don't have a backup, you should do this immediately. One can easily backup your files from the Vortexbox to an attached USB portable drive. Vortexbox GUI has an icon related to backup (and restore).