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Failure to pick up 'New Music' when using Look for Changes option

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  • Failure to pick up 'New Music' when using Look for Changes option

    After I add New Music to VB I normally just Rescan using the look for changes option. This has worked fine for years. Just recently though using this option fails to find the New Music. If I do a 'Clear Library & Rescan Everything' then its fine and the New Music is picked up OK. My music collection is large, about 80,000 tracks. Have I reached VB's track limit or has anyone else experienced this problem ?


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    Have you tried resetting the selection of folders to be scanned?
    On that "Basic Settings" page, just above where you'd click to Rescan Media Library, there's the "Media Folders" section.

    I've not experienced this (fail to pickup changes) and these settings are likely something you were aware of already, but still worth mentioning just in case.
    Even if those tick boxes and paths look correct, I'd play around by changing them away & back again to see if that resets the scan's folder path (does seem odd that the full clear/rescan is OK, but the scan for changes fails.)

    If it is root caused to some upper limit on track count, that would indeed be interesting. At any rate, I hope you get the issue resolved, and when you find out what was behind it, please do share.

    John A


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      Hi John.
      Yes indeed, I tried the Media Folders Rescan option and still same problem. I normally use the Media Folders Rescan option in fact because it saves VB having to rescan folders whcih I know I haven't changed. I'll retry the option again when I add another album. The Clear Library and rescan Everything takes quite a while but works perfectly. Weird.