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64-Bit or Not? 2.4 or Not?

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  • 64-Bit or Not? 2.4 or Not?

    Hi Guys

    Got a 7-year old UK VBA currently running VB2.3 and Fedora 20. Until recently, the SBS version was 7.8 but Andrew has obviously updated the repository because a few weeks back, my regular Vortexbox upgrade installed SBS v7.9.1 (which is running very nicely)

    Over the years I've been through a couple of upgrades and I had intended to install v2.4 in order to get the SBS 7.9 upgrade (as well as bringing Fedora a bit more up to date). However, the lscpu command reports an i686 Architecture, with both 32-bit and 64-bit CPU Op.Modes. Having a nodding acquaintance with Linux but not being a wiz, my first question is can I actually upgrade to 2.4? I know that it is 64-bit only but am not sure whether supporting a 32-bit Op.Mode as well as the 64-bit mode is enough to preclude the upgrade? All enlightenment welcome

    However, my second question is that now my 2.3 installation has been upgraded with SBS 7.9.1, is there any real need to upgrade to 2.4, especially since I believe that the version of Fedora which it uses, is almost at the end of it's active life. All opinions welcome...


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    Is it working for you? Then you're fine.


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      I second that!


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        The only reason I finally updated to VB 2.4, is that the newer "Spotty" spotify plugin for LMS evidently only works on 64 machines with VB2.4. Other than that, I wouldn't have bothered.