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DBM server not reading metadata after changing ISP to vodafone

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  • DBM server not reading metadata after changing ISP to vodafone

    Hi, I am new to the forum, I have a DBM DVD blueray VB , it appears DMB servers no longer exist and so I have joined this site to help with my issue, since connecting to Vodafone I have had a few issues, it looks like my Ethernet connected devices don't get to access the Internet to get metadata and so in the case of the VB the ripping process doesn't complete, to be honest I am not sure if I have a problem with the VB or it is a share issue, I have tried with the firewall off, with the VB directly connected to the Vodafone router , and back again connected to my network switch , which is connected to the Vodafone router of course.

    i can play my movies ok through WDTV live and smart TVs , in fact tested three tvs playing three different movies with no problem it seems only getting access to the Internet is the problem, my laptop is also connected to the Vodafone router and has no issues, I tried changing ports, with the VB tested on the port the laptop was connected to, still never got past the stage of the VB searching for the metadata.

    i note on my own home wifi network that I can't connect to the Internet on my I pad when on linksys g, but have to connect to the Vodafone wifi to get this access,

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    I now have DVD stuck in the drive and cannot access vortexbox to eject it...damn!


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      What is a DBM server? Also "vodafone" vs your internet? Do you have more than one internet provider in your home? Or is vodafone your cell service?
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        Are you using DHCP or a static IP address?
        If static, you will probably have to change you DNS(s) for what your new internet provider uses..
        If DHCP, a simple reboot ought to take care of it


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          Hi apologies for not answering earlier, however work got in the way!,, to answer Sully, I use DHCP , DBM was a manufacturer of Vortexboxes in the UK , no longer trading, and Vodafone is my internet Service provider which I only recently changed to from BT?

          Since my post, I opened up my server and ejected the drive manually with the drive push button, which is not accessible when the server is assembled, I the disconnected one of ribbon connections from the drive and then reconnected ( server off obviously), when I restarted the server and inserted a DVD I could see it was in fact reading something, so checked myvortexbox on my iPad and could see that the process had started. The movie ripped into different files, with numbers given for the files rather that the movie title, I tried this with another DVD with the same result.

          when checking the rip log I could see that no title could be read, and also the message that new software. 1.10.6 was available from, so I tried to upgrade via the icon in myvortexbox, and saw that there was a YUM UPGRADE FAILURE! so this is where I am at , at the moment, trying to sort it out in between work requirements!!

          i have rebooted on a number of occasions, and not sure how to download the updated software directly to the server


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            It's not really clear to me what your problem is. Are you saying that currently you can connect to internet, control your vortexbox, play music, etc. with no issues. But the one problem is that the mkv dvd ripper is not naming things correctly and that you can't upgrade to the newest MKV? I'm not a user of the MKV so someone else will have to chime in. Just googling "vortexbox MKV install" led me to several hits, including this one:



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              Hi Gary, that appears to be exactly it, is the server for movies only it rips standard DVDs and.blueray DVDs, and at present the ripping process does not get the metadata titles for the movies, so instead of having one file, I end up with as many as 11 (so far) which are saved under a random number. The server itself is fine to access the movies on my network.
              the link is very interesting, I will look further into this, it is just a pity that the manufacturer on the server DBM Servers is no longer trading, as I am sure they would be able to advise a probable simple fix
              thanks for you help


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                If you have access to the VB Web Gui check the network settings are correct.
                The VB should have a static IP
                the gateway should be your routers address and the DNS should either be the router address or set as &