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    Originally posted by agillis View Post

    Yes we are working on 2.5. If you want to try it out you can install the BETA image.
    Andrew, I read your post above but have another question for you, unless I am missing something the next version of Vortexbox (2.5) seems to be based on Fedora 25 which was released about 11/22/2016 and is listed as EOL as of 12/12/2017.

    While listed as 'beta' software, am I correct that the next version of Vortexbox may be based on this no longer supported version of Fedora? Or, I hope, this is just an interim step until you update the base OS to either the current version of Fedora (29 released 11/30/2018) or the next release (30 scheduled for 4/30/19)?

    Any clarification would be appreciated. In any event thanks for continuing to support this fine product and any updates would be welcome.

    Mr. Bill
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      VortexBox 2.5 is based on Fedora 25.

      It has an updated Kernel and other updated packages so it's actually more current then the stock Fedora 25. I have not found any modern hardware that it won't run on.

      I like running Fedora that is a bit behind for stability.