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  • Future of Vortexbox

    I really like Vortexbox and it does everything I need except getting album art.
    I'm thinking if there's enough interest I could set up a support group on another forum and keep the software going rather like LMS is. Is this something anyone would be interested in?

    I don't know Andrew but I'd like to get his approval if I can but he doesn't seem active on here any more.

    My main concern is if this forum goes down we've got nowhere to discuss Vortexbox.

    I'd also like to get the album art sorted and work out how to get an updated release with the latest LMS.

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    I'd be interested. I think it's a pity that this stuff is mouldering.


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      I've started an owners club on the Hifi Wigwam Forum in case interested

      I'm creating an owners' club for Vortexbox as the company that made them seems to be cutting back on support so we can hopefully help each other keep this great streaming/networking/ripping software going. The main thing at the moment is to be able to upgrade LMS to keep it up to date with all...


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        Thank you !

        I share your concerns, as heaps of information was lost before (in the old forum, and wiki).
        Some old wiki pages are retrievable through the waybackmachine‚Äč

        Thou I'm grateful, I have to say I find it rather clumsy to registrar, keep up and watch three forums about any tweaks and updates.

        still loving and using Vortexbox continuously since 2011
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