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In a pickle, can't use keyboard, so bricked.

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  • In a pickle, can't use keyboard, so bricked.

    Good day, when Vortexbox boots I can't use my USB keyboard anymore and I have no other option for a keyboard. The reason for the keyboard is that the "normal" boot sequence for my setup is that the OS hangs on a black screen with a blinking cursor. To avoid this I must use my keyboard, hit F11 to get to the boot menu, and select the only hard drive. How can I resolve this? How can I get to the boot menu without a keyboard, that could be a solution? Thank you.

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    See if you can access the vortexbox with your PC with ssh root@youripaddress [not sure if this works on a Windows system but I can do it with linux]
    If on Windows connect to vortexbox with a free program called putty


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      Thanks for the suggestion. The box doesn't fully boot and I can't access it. I did discover that if I remove the USB backup hard drive then the box fully boots so that's fixed and I can connect remotely, yeah! I'd like to know how to make sure the box boots to the right drive, and then I still need to figure out why the USB keyboard doesn't work (can't enumerate).


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        Bingo, after further troubleshooting, it's the keyboard itself that is dead!


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          I still would love to know how I can prevent the OS from booting from the backup USB hard drive ...


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