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LMS and CD ripping in a Docker

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  • LMS and CD ripping in a Docker

    Originally posted by SeanMiddleton View Post
    Wow. A Docker based replacement for Vortexbox.

    I installed this on my OMV machine and it installed perfectly. LMS ran straightaway and the ripper detected my music CD straight away, ripped it, tagged it no problem. So, this looks like a functioning VB running in a Docker Container within the OMV environment. Brilliant !! For anyone looking to experiment I advice following the Youtube installation videos for OMV. Actually the video covers OMV5 installation but its pretty easy to understand OMV 6 install once you've watch the OMV5 video. OMV6 is supposedly in mature Alpha but it looks rock solid to me. I've installed both OMV5 and OMV6 on different motherboards and both work fine.

    After installing and configuring OMV as per the video, then install VBR as instructed by the link above. After that you have a modern VB in all but name. OMV does a lot more stuff besides, as you will find out when you do a bit of reading. The only bit I haven't yet figured out is editing the 'docker-compose.yml ' file described in the above link.

    Here's the Utube video for OMV5 installation (as I said though I would recommend OMV6)
    Running LMS and the ripper in a docker does seem like a good idea.

    What about updates. How do you update LMS?

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    Originally posted by agillis View Post

    Running LMS and the ripper in a docker does seem like a good idea.

    What about updates. How do you update LMS?
    Hi Andrew
    Installing LMS as a Docker container (any version) is quite straightforward. You can just enter the below script at the terminal comamnd line of your OMV server. The version you want to install is simply added as per the example script below (in this case 8.3.0). Currently I have both 8.2.0 and 8.3.0 instalaled under Docker in the same OMV machine. I can simply turn each of them on and off as I choose ( I do that in Portainer - see OMV videos) . They both use the same folders for config, music etc. It works a treat ! I must say OMV is a really fantastic platform to basically recreate the complete functionality of the wonderful Vortexbox (which I have ran for well over a decade now ) . I even put an OMV server with LMS, Transmission, Bliss etc etc together on a tiny J5040 based Beelink NUC with an 18TB drive attached..... 110,000 music tracks, 100's of movies and all kinds of files (its also my NAS). I have done exactly the same on a RaspberryPi 4 and it too works wonderfully with the 18TB disk. There are some very easy to follow Youtube videos on how to install OMV (by 'Techno Dad'). Its not a steep learning curve at all. I strongly urge you to have a play. The LMS Docker script is pasted below and let me know if you need more info:

    docker run -it \
    -v "/srv/dev-disk-by-uuid-4ce652ba-83f0-4a5a-b996-691db4b765df/Blatex/storage/LMSconfig":"/config":rw \
    -v "/srv/dev-disk-by-uuid-4ce652ba-83f0-4a5a-b996-691db4b765df/Blatex/storage/music":"/music":rw \
    -v "/srv/dev-disk-by-uuid-4ce652ba-83f0-4a5a-b996-691db4b765df/Blatex/storage/LMSconfig ":"/playlist":rw \
    -v "/etc/localtime":"/etc/localtime":ro \
    -v "/etc/timezone":"/etc/timezone":ro \
    -p 9000:9000/tcp \
    -p 9090:9090/tcp \
    -p 3483:3483/tcp \
    -p 3483:3483/udp \
    lmscommunity/logitechmediaserver:8.3.0 u can leave this off if u just want latest stable release

    I should add that in the script above the top 3 -v .....................etc lines relate to my specific OMV server . They would be differnet on your OMV servers

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      BTW. If there is sufficient interest amongst the VB community and Andy is OK with it I will write up the detailed process of how to go about recreating the function of VB using Open Media Vault. Post if there is interest in that.


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        That would be great!


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          Seanmiddleton (and Andrew),
          I'm very interested in any development taking Vortexbox further than current state...
          I researched using the Fedora Server release for a while, but found it a bit to steep for my capabilities, so a step by step tutorial would be more than welcome.



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            I've made a start on writing up how to re-create VB under OMV. Here is the link to the MS Word documen explaining this


            I'll edit/add over time but its a good starter for now

            You may also find this very interesting as a VB replica which can be instalaled in Docker. I havent played with it but it seems simple emough to adapt this such that you install OMV/Docker first and then add this as a Docker container. Have a read.....:

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