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  • Reboot problem

    Hello, I have a VB running VB 2.5 on Fedora 25 on it's own Micro ITX comp setup. I run the GUI on my Windows 10 comp. Over the last month the reboot on the VB GUI seems to disconnect the system from the network. I have to hard shutdown the VB in order to get it back and some times it takes a couple times to get it back, but once it reconnects it works fine. The "Power Down" works, it's just the "Reboot".

    I've tried a couple different things like logging into the system using Putty and doing a fix_network rebuild. Also tried dnf -y update with no luck.

    Is there any other command lines I could try to fix or is this a corrupted system that is going to need to be reformatted and start over.

    Kind regards