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    Originally posted by SeanMiddleton View Post

    Hi Fifer
    Hopefully you will find some time to have a play. In the meantime, in answer to some of the questions your raised: OMV is extremely well supported and updated very regularly, so that really take care of the Debian platform being fully updated. VBR is really a package of abcde (tagger) + cdparanoia (ripper) + LMS. So keeping VBR up to date is really just about keeping these packages up to date. That is easily done at the command line. As for Bliss/Transmission/Subsonic these can be easily installed at the command line or in some cases there may be Portainer containers already available for them. Portainer has many other containers you may wish install alongside. There are a number of Transmission and Subsonic alternatives for example. The beauty of installing these under Portainer is that you can just turn them on and off as you wish with a simple click of their radio buttons.
    All sounds good Sean. We're a bit busy preparing to move house right now, but this just jumped to the top of my tech to-do list!


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      I appreciate the talks about alternatives, but would really like VB to just issue an update to (somewhat) latest versions…..

      But question: anybody experience with SnakeOil?


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        Having now built a number of OMV servers with LMS (8.2), Transmission etc working perfectly I have now put together a Raspbery Pi 4 (4GB) OMV server running LMS and Transmission and also acting as a NAS. It has almost 100,000 tracks and has a 8TB HDD attached. It works fine. I can install Subsonic/Bliss and much more if needed but havent done so thus far. For me the need for a new Vortexbox has evapourated. The OMV solution is much superior.