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    I have built 12 OMV6 Logitech Media servers now ranging from Raspberry Pi 4, Khards VIM3, Asrock motherboards, Odroid N2+.....and my favourite the Beelink U59. All work great. The U59 is brilliant and u can pick up one very cheap. I add 18TB drives and stream everything from these things. All running LMS 8.3


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      Sean, I did a bit of reading about OMV and also about dockers. Spent a couple of hours running up an OMV server with the idea of replicating the VB /Storage structure. I referred to and got as far as setting up /Storage/Music so that a windows box can browse but at this stage can't write, there is a setting not quite right somewhere.

      I did a shorthand howto :

      This is an attempt to document the build a VB using OMV6, based on the "2 disk install" - System on SSD, data on HDD.
      In reading this how-to, OMV, Storage, Disks means from the OMV gui, click Storage then select Disks
      You should have open in another window for reference.

      1. Build the OMV6 with only the SSD plugged in using instructions from the New User Guide, and install the LVM - Logical Volume Manager - OMV, System, Plugins -openmediavault-lvm2 6.0-8.
      2. Shutdown and physically install the large second drive for /storage.
      3. OMV, Storage, Disks - confirm that the new disk is recognized by the system
      3. OMV, Storage, Logical Volume Management, Physical Volumes - Create, select your disk and save.
      4. OMV, Storage, Logical Volume Management, Volume Groups - Create, select your LVM physical volume and name the group - StorageVM and save.
      5. OMV, Storage, Logical Volume Management, Logical Volumes - Create, select StorageVM and name it lv_storage, adjust size to 100% and save.
      6. OMV, Storage, File Systems - Create, select your LVM lv_storage, confirm EXT4 and save.
      7. OMV, Storage, File Systems - Create/Mount, Mount - select and mount
      8. OMV, Storage, Shared Folders - Create - Name - Storage, File System - Select the mounted drive, Relative path - Storage/, accept the permissions and save.
      9. OMV, Storage, Shared Folders - Create - Name - Storage, File System - Select the mounted drive, Relative path - Storage/Music, accept the permissions and save.

      There is a quirk with OMVs way of doing Logical Volumes ( and with 18TB disk drives available, multiple disks combined into a Logical Volume is probably not necessary ) .in that you don't format the drive until the LV is created. Not sure how adding another drive and extending the LV will work, may have to be done as root via command line.

      Sean would you have a read through and check the steps, and can the loading of the LMS docker be documented in this way ? If yes, could you document how you load the docker ?


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        Hi there

        I never had to use logical volumes at all. No need to install that. Just build your OMV installation onto your small drive. Then plug in your new 18TB drive from new. It will be recognised and u can then format and set up as a share. Then share also via SMB as a service share.