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    I've been using VB's since they very first appeared. I've built more than 10 over the years, but I'm now getting quite fed up that there is no development or updating going on. We are 10 versions behind the current version of Fed !! Fed 25 has a HDD limit of about 16TB. Basically Andrew doesn't have the time or the interest to bring it up to date and at some point I imagine it will just grind to a halt. The 16TB limit is a pain for me too, because I have a very large music collection and I also use the VB as my NAS and media server, so I have a lot of stuff on VB (about 14TB currently) . So, I got to thinking about an alternative to VB, something that does all the same things but which is regularly updated and based on a modern revision of a Linux distro that has solid support. My solution was OpenMediaVault (OMV). So I knocked up a 24TB (with RAID) OMV box and installed their OMV Extras, which gave me Docker/Portainer and a few other bits and pieces. I then installed LMS, Transmission, Nextcloud, Subsonic, Bliss, OpenVPN and a couple of DNLA servers and other bits and bobs. And there you have it, basically all the functions of a VB with a current latest Debian and LMS and some great other features. It works superbly and the whole thing is running on a basic Mini ITX motherboard (ASrock J5005) with only 8GB RAM. There's loads of how-to videos on Youtube covering OpenMediaVault, so none of this was at all difficult. I even have the Nextcloud app on my phone so I can talk to my Nextcloud