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Reinstall VB2.4

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  • Reinstall VB2.4

    I'm using VB 2.4 with Fedora 23 and need to replace the hdd as it is starting to fail (read errors).

    Option 1 / The backup restore option. So under this I would install a VB2.4 ISO and restore the backup, essentially /storage? Trouble is my backup option doesn't work. Have a 5TB USB drive and when trying to format it the following error shows "Invalid partition data. sgdisk failed"

    Option 2 / directly clone the HDD and replace it. How would I do that?

    What's the preferred way? I'm not a Unix expertly any stretch. If option 1 why can't I format this drive via the VB backup menu?

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    Whenever I’ve experienced problems with the USB backup Feature of VortexBox it has always been the “format” step ... multiple tries has always yielded the desired result ... don’t know if regular cloning software could be used as an alternative solution, perhaps a (cloning docking station) ? see below link:

    or the below link sounds promising btw (VortexBox is a Linux based OS) Fedora Linux to be exact:

    Should you try the docking station I suggest you use the same make/model/size as your existing drive.

    You could also access your VortexBox library... /files/ directory
    via a windows 10 computer file explorer app (network/VortexBox/files directory) and then copy/paste your library to your 5TB external USB drive that’s connected to the.same Windows 10 computer then restore Your library after installing VortexBox on a new drive in your VortexBox or some variation of the above.

    Best of Luck to You!
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      Sorry here’s the second link:

      StarTech has released two devices for duplicating hard drives (or SSDs) to create exact bootable drive copies in about half the time of more traditional methods.


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        Perhaps the problem is with your particular external USB drive ?
        Did you originally purchase a VortexBox Appliance or did you download and install VortexBox software on a computer of your own choice?
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          Txs for the response. I built it myself on an unused computer using an .iso. Been running without issues up to this point. The format step mentions "no vortexbox.txt file, formatting with NTFS.

          Wonder I could do a Win10 NTFS format and place the vortexbox.txt file there although I'm not sure about the file content


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            Never knew what that text file statement was all about ... maybe someone that knows will chime in


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              Check this link out

              I am trying to backup my Vortex drive for the first time. The process is not working. Looks like it wants me to "Mount" the USB drive but I don't


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                The 5 TB drive is using a gpt partition structure - perhaps vortexbox 2.4 cannot format it. A utility live cd like gparted can change the partition structure to msdos. Vortexbox should then be able to format from the menu backup option.


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                  Sounds like a plan!


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                    Let’s all of us here at the forum know what happens.