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feeling ripped off!

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  • feeling ripped off!

    Hi - I am not a techie at all - quite the opposite. I've just bought a Vortex box off eBay because it said all you had to do was pop in a CD and it ripped it and found the track and album details. All I get when I try is unknown album- unknown artist. Looking on here, it appears to me that the software now doesn't work and I have bought an expensive tin box - am I correct?

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    based on recent comments - it does appear to have lost that functionality - still works well as a plex and squeezebox server though.


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      And you didn't buy Vortexbox software. You bought some hardware. Vortexbox software is free and can be installed on many different computers.
      p.s. I've owned many Vortexbox "Appliances" and still use two of them. But I've never used VB software for ripping CDs. I use dbpoweramp and then copy the files over to my VB.


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        I was going to say "ask for your money back." As much as we'd all like this or that, I'm incredibly grateful to Andrew for what he created with the Vortexbox project regardless of what becomes of it.