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    Hi all

    I'm considering using my Vortexbox primarily as a NAS.

    I'm worried as I don't know how secure it is. Any comments on this?

    Does anyone know how I can give it a password? At the moment I can login from my Mac using Go-->Connect To Server--> by just entering the address and connecting as "Guest".

    Thanks for any thoughts or advice here.

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    There are all sorts of security features on your VB and any number of ways to configure them.

    First, I think what you’re discussing is the dialog you see when you attempt to mount to your VB “/storage” partition from another machine in your network to add music, edit tags, etc. This utilizes the SAMBA/SMB protocol/daemon. The default configuration is that a password is not required to attach to your VB as guest. This sounds insecure but bear in mind only users on your home network should be able to see your VB, log in, and mount available drives. If your VB is attached to a router running a firewall program, it should not be accessible via the internet unless you explicitly configured your router to make it so. If you wish to delve into the innards of Samba you can configure your VB such that passwords are necessary to mount your /storage drive even within your home network. It requires more than just a simple command or file change. You need to do a Google search on “Fedora Configure Samba” to learn how to do this and how to edit “/etc/samba/smb.conf”.

    You can (and should) change the root login password to your VB from the default if you haven’t done so when you first built your VB. To do this log in with the default pw (vortexbox) and issue the following command


    It will prompt you for the new password and ask you to type it in and confirm.

    Note – I understand that the description above is somewhat simplistic. Routers can be hacked. Rogue IOT devices within your network can peruse it or exploitation and/or provide a conduit to the outside world. That being said given the amount of effort most home users are able and/or capable of putting into network security, a decent router with updated firmware and a strong password running a firewall is considered to be more-or-less “best practices” Your VB is ultimately only as secure as the network it runs on.