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  • Good Bye VBA

    After 9 years of running a VBA, with a lot of help from the forum, I have determined it's life is over. My new system is a MicroRendu with dedicated power supply and SoncTransporter i5 with 2 TB of SSD. Andrew has been very helpful by answering all my questions about the new system and highly recommend Small Green Computer. Just wanted to thank everyone who has answered my questions over the years and say farewell to the forum, thank you.

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    Have fun. I have a SonicTransporter i5 as well that I use for Roon. Still use two of my vortexboxes though for LMS.


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      I'm still running LMS on the SonicTransporter. Whats your take on Roon?


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        I still mostly use LMS. Roon is interesting in the way it brings together and connects (and allows user to see) the metadata, additional information, etc. about the artists composers and other things. For example, If I have a song playing, Roon has info on how many other versions of that song by any and all artists are in your library. Or you can find out who played bass on a song and what other albums in your library they are on. So that's a major part of program.

        Other benefits are that it has built in DSP engines for doing room correction, etc. It can do multiroom playback. And it can do all this with different brand endpoints. So the user is not tied to a specific brand. It can use Sonos, squeezeboxes, etc. as endpoints. Your microrendu can work as a Roon endpoint. It can also use rPi's as endpoints running some easy to install software, connected to any DAC.

        Another benefit is that if you subscribe to TIDAL or Quobuz, it seamlessly integrates those items you've selected alongside your own library. For many roon users, I'd say this is the main benefit. I personally don't subscribe to TIDAL or Quobuz so this is no big deal to me. Note that LMS is actually working on trying to do this now.

        Hard to say whether any of this is worth $120 a year to you. They have a 2 week free trial. Since you have it on your ST and your microrendu works with roon, you should do the free trial and play with it and see what you think. I think it is very cool, but to be fair, I'm still mostly a LMS user.


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          I am running both Tidal and Qobuz on LMS using the plugins. I have been a Tidal user but i'm switching to Qobuz. Qobuz offers HiRez purchases at close to half price with their Prime service. for example one can purchase a 24/96 FLAC Abbey Road for $7.99.

          I have used iPeng for control for 9 years but have recently started using SqueezePad. You can hit the Wiki button and get info on the album you are playing, a poor man's Roon. I have two 3 month trials for Roon so I may give it a go.

          I would also like to say you have answered many of my questions over the years and have been very generous with your responses, so I thank you!


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            Thanks tmauceri. I appreciate your kind words.