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    I will not be installing VortexBox v2.5 as is. Version 2.5 is based on Fedora 25 while the current version is 30. this means all I get is a point upgrade but still unsupported OS. Fedora updates versions about every 6 months and provides updates for about 13 months after release. This means Fedora 25 lost updates in about December of 2017... that's close to two years ago so it's already unsupported. I won't be able to update any core OS vulnerabilities and there are new vulnerabilities all the time.

    I MIGHT place this in a Virtual Machine running on a current OS, preferably one with Long Term Support. Ideally, I would like to have access to the SRPMS and use Centos for its LTS. With SRPMS, an automated build process could be maintained to provide updates to the VortexBox packages as Fedora advances through it iterations.

    I run PLEX and use it as much more than a media server so I expect and require it to have up-to-date patches.

    I appreciate the time and effort Andrew has spent and does spend on this project.

    Thanks for a great music server

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    If the platform is stable and does what we need it to do (i.e. be a music server) then what does it matter which version of Fedora underlies it as long as Andrew offers whatever it needs to run?


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      1. Security. This should not need much motivation. Running a server 24/7 on your home internet-connected network without the latest available security patches is a very, very bad idea in the current environment. Fedora 25 contains an encyclopedia of known vulnerabilities that have long ago been patched in subsequent Fedora releases.

      2. Compatibility and Extendability. Adding and updating certain packages becomes difficult or untenable when one is bound to old, unsupported platforms. Example - Dropbox stopped working about a year ago for all Fedora releases prior to 22. At any moment that could change to 28. Other packages require a more current verison of glibc (or other crucial library) than Fedora 25 offers. Plex has already been mentioned. Plex clients (e.g. IOS app, Roku app) roll constantly and often require relatively recent versions of the Plex server. If the latest Plex server decides to requires something beyond Fedora 25 you will be SOL.

      IMHO the current VB platform strategy currently makes little sense. If Andrew wants slower upgrade cycles then one of the many LTS platforms make more sense. Fedora is meant to be the bleeding edge of the Red Hat family of OS's. It's not like VB takes advantage of bleeding-edge features. If it did so, it would roll with Fedora every six months.

      I have gotten used to Fedora so I've taken to "rolling my own". I'm currently running (most of) the VB packages I use under Fedora 30. Those that I can't (or haven't figured out how I can) I've identified substitutes or work-arounds. It's nice to be able to run regular updates and roll with the platform and it hasn't diminished my user experience at all.
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