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HDMI support for rack mounted server

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  • HDMI support for rack mounted server

    Would like to build a rack mounted 1U server with the latest VBA build but need HDMI support as I plan to install Kodi on it as well.

    Anyone gotten this to work?

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    I'm not using Kodi. Do you have details as to the HDMI support needed? My big server for movies is running Vortexbox and the Server came with HDMI Out on the mobo which I am running to an ACER display so I can use the CMD Line. The HDMI is working for this purpose if that helps.


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      Thanks @Transporter,

      a desktop server may have a HDMI out but rack mounted servers mostly not as the applications e.g. file server, print server, blade server etc. usually don't require this.

      In my case I'll mount this rack mount server into a rack with all other components like amp, AVR. HDMI from the rack mount goes to AVR and then to the TV via the network.

      So I'm wondering whether anyone has installed HDMI (PCI card) into a low end server like Dell PowerEdge 610 or HP ProLiant DL360 running Vortexbox.


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        Has anyone run Vortexbox on a rack mount server like a Dell R610 or HP ProLiant DL360?


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          The HDMI card you speak of will essentially be a second video adapter. Probably a low profile PCI card with relatively low GPU capabilities. I'd pick the card that fits, has the best possible GPU, and is supported by standard Linux drivers. I believe the BIOS (Setup) can be configured to disable the onboard graphics adapter. At this point you just need to make sure your add-in card is supported by Linux. There is really nothing special about this. Rack servers have limitations on height, length, and power connectors so a high end graphics adapter may not fit. As a former Dell System Engineer, I can tell you that your desire for a graphics card in a rack server is not unusual.