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    Originally posted by SCompRacer View Post
    dyohn, thanks for the how to! I installed Roon on my Signature Sonore server today. It has a 2.7ghz I5 with 8gb of ram. I had upgraded the MB with an 80GB SSD for Vortexbox 2.4

    If/when Roon server is updated, would it be the same process?
    When Roon releases an update (which it does every few months) you will be able to install it from a Roon player interface on a PC on your network. It is a very simple process and does not require any manual activity by you of the Vortexbox. When you open the Roon player, you will see a message that there is an update and would you like to install it. Click "update all" and the Roon server gets any available updates. You will still need to use the Vortexbox UI to update the VB software,


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      Thank you for the informative reply!


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        I have a i3 PC with SSD and 4gb ram that I run VB2.4 on and have Roon server running 24/7. Works really well. Can handle some DSP as well if staying with PCM but will not handle DSD very well.