Hi, I've just done a new Vortexbox installation and everything seems fine, but I'm not having any luck downloading cover art. Below is typical excerpt from the log:
Getting cover art for /storage/music/flac/Michael_Jackson_-_Michael_Jackson_-_Number_Ones ...
Amazon throttled for excessive usage. Try again later.
No cover art found on Amazon.com, trying Google Images.
No cover art found on Google Images
Done getting cover art for /storage/music/flac/Michael_Jackson_-_Michael_Jackson_-_Number_Ones

Now I know it say it's not found any artwork, and if thus was just one album, I could understand - but it's happening for all albums. Is there a fix for this? Thanks for any help.


VortexBox SW Version: 2.5

Linux OS Version: Fedora release 25 (Twenty Five)