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Remember to Backup Backup your system

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  • Remember to Backup Backup your system

    I woke up this morning to the system I installed Vortexbox not waking me up.
    Mine died last night the power supply failed it seems and took out the motherboard

    After a all day struggle my hard drive was saved and my latest back up was a couple months ago

    I am going to start a physical list every time I rip a new CD since the time of Backup so if the worst happens I will be able to recover easier

    I bought a new system to install I guess now 2.5 cause I was running 2.4 and got a new hard drive on the way to start over

    Hopefully it will end up ok but with 2000+ Cds and hours of work over the years it was not a good feeling and then realizing so much time had passed since I put this thing together ... time goes so fast

    I had this username here years ago but could not log back in so had to create it here again

    when things are going good I am sorry to forget about the community here

    hopefully my back up reminder will help other have a better day than I had today

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    You might want to have a separate drive for your content. That makes vortexbox repairs and upgrades a lot less stressful.


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      That is a good idea I did not have room in the enclosure I had in my last Mini ITx case for a second drive but I bought a used HP small form factor desktop to get me more up and running while I save to maybe build another low power system.

      Is there a good guide to changing the drive directories for storage... I will look around the wiki or forum here for the info but iif you have a quick link to the info that would be nice

      I admit I have not paid attention to the forum here as much as I should have when the system, is running well it is easy to ignore this place I am going to try to be more active and thanks for your input