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Vortexbox and network backups

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  • Vortexbox and network backups

    I'm repurposing an old Tranquil T7 which ran WHS, I've upgraded the hard drive to a 500 GB SSD. Prevously I used the T7 as a LMS and as a backup server for other devices on my home network.
    Initally I installed Centos before finiding out about Daphile, but the later does not make adding external packages easy. I then heard about Plex and then Vortexbox.

    • I have about 150 GB of music, maybe 100GB of film. [satisfied by LMS, Plex]
    • 2 squeezeboxs for playing deezer, etc [satisfied by LMS]
    • setup daily backups for laptops on the home network
    Is anyone using Vortexbox to do backups of some folders on devices too? If so, what software\packages do you recommend? Is it easy to setup with Vortexbox?


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    I use freefilesync to backup certain folders on my PC to my vortexbox.


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      You were asking about this on Slimdevices forum
      Once you have VB setup on the Tranquil T7 access it from a PC by typing \\ipaddress in File Explorer
      You will see four folders
      Go into "files" and add a new folder called "backups" or whatever you want
      Map the folder as a Network Drive on your PCs and point your backup software at it
      freefilesync is quite good


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        Originally posted by garym View Post
        I use freefilesync to backup certain folders on my PC to my vortexbox.
        Ok. So I can run backups from the windows machines to my vortexbox, great, just like WHS! Doing that on the Daphile install was going to be an issue. Thanks! The software I have used in the past is Cobian backup