I'm building a new VORTEX box. The old atom,well, just seemed to get old...

I have a LENOVO ThinkCentre M93p which I'm going to fit out with a 1 tb spinning drive and connect via ethernet cable.
All good (I haven't done this yet...)
The micro desktop comes with DVD drive so all good for ripping.

I'm thinking will get a USB DAC (dragonfly?) to connect to stereo.
So should show as a squeezelite player?

It would be very nice if I could also use this set up to stream via bluetooth from a MacBook pro (youtube etc) to the new Vortexbox.
The Lenovo doesn't have a wireless card (although I could fit one). But I do have a quality bluetooth dongle.

It would be great if this could work?

It would be really great if the bluetooth option appeared in the Vortexbox menu?
Even greater if I could add as an option to a Logitech Duet controller...

Or is this asking the impossible?
I'm pretty novice a Linux etc. But willing to give it a go...

Thanks for any advice.